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Laced by Shea

Beauty's Throne - Onyx Black

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Stylists we've all experienced those tragic moments when we have threaded a dozen needles for our install clients and suddenly the gadget holding your needles and thread hit the floor tangling it to knots.. YIKES! All that preparation, energy and hope of getting thru your appointment in a timely fashion really backfired on you.. The frustration and embarrassment is something we can all relate to and that is why Beauty's Throne was born to help prevent these tragedies and KEEP MONEY in your pocket.

Beauty's Throne includes a hook for your thread spool and a cushion to host 15 or more needles comfortably for the ultimate install organization tool.

THE BEST OF IT ALL? Beauty's Throne is ONE SIZE FITS ALL so never stress about the sizing of your threading spool (It fits all hair spools).. and it makes the PERFECT GIFT!

 Beauty's Throne was created by Shea Felder, Salon owner and Stylist who wanted to innovate salon products. "I wanted to share MY handy products with everyone to improve their organization in the salon".

 We know the concern you have: Will this fit? The answer is YES! Beauty's Throne was designed and built to fit any salon area. It is light weight and designed to be hung on a wall, but fits easily on any station or counter. The product dimensions are 9.2 x 6.2 x 3 inches (Height x Length x Width).